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Getting Started

Contributing new features

Please refer to our contribution guidelines over on our development repository.

We'd love to hear from you

AutomateDV is very much a work in progress – we’re constantly adding quality of life improvements and will be adding new table types regularly.

Rest assured we’re working on future releases – our roadmap contains information on what’s coming.

If you spot anything you’d like to bring something to our attention, have a request for new features, have spotted an improvement we could make, or want to tell us about an issue, then please don’t hesitate to let us know via github.

We’d rather know you are making active use of this package than hearing nothing from all of you out there!

Happy Data Vaulting! 😄

Issue guidelines

If it's a bug

We've tested the package rigorously, but if you think you've found a bug please provide the following at a minimum (or use the issue templates), so we can fix it faster:

  • The version of dbt being used
  • The version of AutomateDV being used.
  • Steps to reproduce the issue
  • Any error messages or dbt log files which can give more detail of the problem

If it's a feature request

We'd love to add new features to make this package even more useful for the community, so please feel free to submit ideas and thoughts!

If it's an idea, feedback or a general inquiry

Create a post with as much detail as possible. We'll be happy to reply and work with you.